Everything you need to learn about scientific article: its purpose, structure and way of composing

Everything you need to learn about scientific article: its purpose, structure and way of composing

The manuscript associated with the article needs the entire name associated with the work, the surname and mane associated with the writer, the annotation ( for a separate web page), the menu of used literature.

Couple words in the framework of scientific article

The article possesses structure that is simple

Listing of guidelines of writing an article that is scientific

Whenever composing a systematic article, you need to adhere to specific guidelines:

Theoretical and empirical forms of articles

In accordance with the allocation in medical research of the theoretical and empirical amount of knowledge, we distinguish theoretical and empirical articles. The theoretical articles explain the outcomes of research completed with the aid of such types of cognition as abstraction, analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, idealization, formalization, modeling.

When you look at the articles where the calculations are created, the items associated with description into the analytical or graph-analytical type are real, chemical, real and chemical procedures, results and types of economic calculations, etc.

In works specialized in the interpretation of phenomena, procedures, issues based on the systematization of clinical facts using the allocation of basic ideas, axioms, laws and regulations, mathematical calculations and models receive, but the product is primarily presented in a textual form. The primary value in the dwelling of acquiring logical rules and regulations.

Empirical articles describe the total results of research conducted with the aid of experimental techniques, observation, measurement, however with the application of a quantity of theoretical practices. Inside their titles you can find frequently terms, calculation, assessment, definition, methodology.

The strategy of research, method for its realization are described, the characteristic and category associated with the gotten product is offered, its interpretation, in the event of execution contains info on experimental and testing that is industrial. Data is usually presented in the shape of maps, less often – diagrams, drawings, photographs, in tabular kind.

The last an element of the article, summing up the material, should answer the questions posed by the introductory part, echo with it and thereby show your reader the area of operate in the industry knowledge system.

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